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by Barrie Arliss

Jim Copacino Didn’t Tell Me to Write Nice Things About C+F. But I Did Anyway.

It's a picture of the front desk at Copacino+Fujikado

As of this writing, I’ve been working as a Senior Copywriter at Copacino+Fujikado for a mere two months. So when I was asked to write a piece about my “experience” at the agency, I giggled. Jim Copacino didn’t tell me to write a glowing review—he just asked me to write something. Anything. About THE PLACE THAT PAYS MY SALARY.

No pressure.

Luckily, I don’t have to lie. I’ve become that girl who gushes about her amazing new job with its amazing clients and the amazing people who work here. I make your stock options and pension plan look like garbage.

And I’m not the only one who’s gaga for C+F. My co-workers all seem to be lifers, or they want to be. Why? Let me count the ways.

  • There’s no backstabbing, egos, or whisper fighting behind closed doors.
  • There’s a solid process to the fast-paced world that is advertising (and if you’ve been at an agency without a process you feel me on how necessary it is to have a good one).
  • The perks are typical agency things. But on top of the ping pong and beer, I’ve seen two plays at Seattle Children’s Theatre, received a private tour at the Seattle Aquarium, and there’s a Mariners game on the calendar.

Plus, it’s very clear that Jim and Betti, the names behind Copacino+Fujikado, love their little agency. My last few jobs, I’d have to chase down the owners and introduce myself, or win awards to get a fast “Hi” in the hallway. Here, I actually talk to Jim like any other co-worker. Betti has told me more than once how thankful she is to have me here.

Are you getting goosebumps too? Eek!

And I know what you’re thinking. Just you wait. But I’ve been doing this for 13 years now. I’ve seen every type of agency. But I’ve never felt this feeling before. This feeling that I’ve finally found my place.

So, cue the violins and delicious kool-aid. Because I’m in love.