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by Andrew Gall

Break The Hate

breakthehate-box-croppedComing off a very successful launch of the Wing Luke Museum’s new Bruce Lee Exhibit in 2014, we were tasked with a new challenge: promote year 2’s version: Do You Know Bruce? Breaking Barriers. The exhibit itself focused on Mr. Lee’s groundbreaking achievements in the world of cinema and the media, showcasing Bruce’s hard work and determination as he broke down stereotypes about Asian Pacific Americans.

The story of the new exhibit was a compelling one, and one thing we’ve learned is that when you have a story worth telling, other people will be excited to help you share it.

We tapped into The Wing’s extensive rolodex of contacts, along with our own, to seek out local people or businesses with large social media followings and gave them a simple task: promote the new exhibit by posting content of themselves breaking one of our uniquely designed “Hate” boards on one of their channels.

The boards paid homage in equal parts to Bruce’s martial arts skills and his philosophy of inclusion.

As a result, a flurry of creative ways to “Break the Hate” peppered the social media channels of Seattleites and beyond. Watch the video to see how we were able to announce the arrival of the Wing Luke Museum’s Do You Know Bruce? Breaking Barriers exhibit with more than a little extra punch.

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