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by Sun Yi

30 days, 30 Seattle lunch spots

A coworker and I were talking about which office location was better for variety of lunch-eatings; the old location (Pioneer Square) or the current location (4th and Pike). We debated, then he said “I bet we could eat at a different place around here every day for 30 days.” Hence, a challenge was born.

The rules were simple: a new restaurant every day for 30 days – all within a 4 block radius. A fearless and hungry group signed on. Sometimes the number of people varied, but our determination remained constant. And fierce.  Kinda makes you wish you worked here, huh? Well good news for you, we’re hiring!

Now without further ado, here’s our list.

Day 1Potbelly
Day 2Mae Phim Thai (agency sponsored)
Day 3Jimmy John’s
Day 4 – Michou Deli
Day 5Blue Water Taco
Day 6Fresh Table Café
Day 7 – Chipotle (agency sponsored)
Day 8Mediterrean Avenue
Day 9Soup’s On!
Day 10Wildfire Taqueria
Day 11Pear
Day 12 – Taste of Asia
Day 13Great NW Soup
Day 14Pane Pane (agency sponsored)
Day 15Harbor Café
Day 16El Animal Food Truck
Day 17Umma’s Lunch Box
Day 18 – Pagliacci’s (agency sponsored)
Day 19Dahlia Bakery
Day 20Crisp Creperie Food Truck
Day 21 – Domino’s (agency sponsored… it was free. It was there. We ate it.)
Day 22Specialty’s
Day 23Qdoba Mexican Grill
Day 24Thai Ginger (agency sponsored)
Day 25MOD Pizza
Day 26Gyros Place
Day 27Kastoori Grill
Day 28Osaka Teriyaki (aka Scary Teri)
Day 29Sushi Kudasai
Day 30 – Cajun Grill

That was a whole lot of good eating. We didn’t have to venture to sketchy gas stations that sold day-old sushi to fulfill the challenge…although, I thought that would have been exciting.

And for those interested, here’s our Top 5 Fave Places to Eat!

5. Umma’s Lunch Box (aka Bi Bim Bap Underground)
4. MOD Pizza
3. Dahlia Bakery
1. (tie) Michou Deli and Kastoori Grill

So there you have it. 30 days, 30 dining experiences, countless stories and a little heartburn later, challenge “full” filled.

20141112_Day17_UmmasLunchBox20141120_Day23_Qdoba20141106_Day13_GreatNWSoup20141210_Piroshky Piroshky 20141030_Day8_MedAve 20141114_Day19_DahliaBakery