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by Shelley Morrison

Reactive Marketing is a Team Sport

Let’s be honest, not a single day in advertising agency life is the same as the last. In a large part, this is what keeps us hunting for new ideas, keeps our creative juices flowing, and keeps us competitive. When an opportunity came up that morning that included several high impact Double Decker buses in New York City leading up to the Super Bowl, my excitement was palpable. What an amazing fit for our Visit Seattle client if the Seahawks made it to the big game!

So you know what I did? I responded like a cornerback rising up to tip a ball into the hands of my teammates, who took it and ran with it. This is reactive marketing at its best. We had a high value media opportunity that had the potential to be hugely impactful and uniquely relevant, but required agility, quick thinking, and fleet-footedness. A lot of things had to go right in short amount of time for it to work. We had to move fast; from media negotiations and buying, to sharing the opportunity with Visit Seattle and getting their enthusiastic sign-off, to creative concepting and production in less than two days’ time, and lastly, the Seahawks had to win the NFC Championship game. It took a lot of grit and team work, but it got done on every level.

The results could be seen all around Manhattan and near Super Bowl Boulevard for the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, when the Seattle Seahawks crushed the Denver Broncos.

I guess in a way our agency is like a football team: nimble, team-oriented, constantly pushing each other to our limits, with the ability to react quickly for the “win.”