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by Kris Dangla

A Pioneer’s 90th birthday.

It’s not often you get a chance to hang with a pioneer, let alone have one in your own family, but I’ll go ahead and brag that I had the honor of attending the 90th birthday for Hollywood television writer and our own “Nanny” Ann Marcus. Ann was a pioneer for women writers starting her career at the New York Daily News and then Life Magazine at a time when there were no women writers on staff. She continued on to become a successful Hollywood television writer for Peyton Place, General Hospital, Knots Landing and even won an Emmy Award for her work on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

Ann has been hugely influential in my pursuit of the glamorous world of media and production. She told me to stay as far away as I could from this industry as I was too nice to survive. I didn’t listen. She is an amazing example of a woman who broke through the glass ceiling of a male dominated industry to gain respect and accolades all while maintaining a loving home as a wife and mother. Beyond our family connection, we have a professional connection as she wrote for Fernwood2-Nite which was the launch pad for Fred Willard, who we recently had the pleasure of working with on three videos for Symetra. Her birthday party guest list included some well-known beautiful actresses; Michelle Lee, Joan Van Ark and Donna Mills and even a cameo (on her tribute video) from the great Norman Lear. But most importantly Ann was surrounded by her adoring family. Happy Birthday Ann. We love you.