The Blog

by Jim Copacino

Is this agency hot, or is it just me?

It’s been one of the coolest summers on record here in Seattle. But inside our agency, the heat is cranked up. We’ve had a flurry of new business activity, with the acquisition of three great new clients.

World Vision is a worldwide Christian relief and development organization that helps people around the world to overcome disaster, poverty, illness and abuse. We are honored to be a World Vision marketing partner—charged with helping to raise awareness and funds.

Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau will oversee the creation of the new Seattle Tourism Improvement Area. The STIA will create a marketing fund through a hotel room surcharge with the goal of boosting leisure travel to our city. Great product, great people!

Blue Nile is a highly successful online jewelry retailer. We’ve been assigned a brand enhancement project we’re very much looking forward to.

We’re a very lucky agency: In a challenging economy, we’re growing our current accounts and attracting new ones. We’ve got a great staff. And future prospects are bright. (Excuse me for a moment while I knock on wood.)

By the way, we’re looking for an experienced Account Supervisor and a highly capable Production Manger. Check out the job descriptions:

Account Supervisor (PDF), Production Manager (PDF)

If you have any recommendations, please send them our way. Provided they don’t mind the heat.