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by Nat Duffy

A progressive new policy at C+F

Here at the agency, we’ve had a longstanding vacancy at our reception desk. In an effort to address this personnel challenge we’ve implemented a forward-thinking policy of crowdsourcing our reception duties. We hope you enjoy being greeted by each of our smiling faces when you drop by the offices.

From: Jim Copacino
To: _Staff
SUBJECT: Welcome our new receptionist

It’s you!

OK, let me explain.

As much as we love our new space, there is a slight problem: The reception desk is disconnected from the hum and flow of the agency. Putting someone at the front desk for the entire workday essentially removes that person from the rest of the agency.

We feel it’s important to have a greeter at the front desk throughout the day for the sake of efficiency and professionalism. So we’ve come up with a solution.
We plan to implement a “receptionist by committee”—and every agency employee will participate.

During the workweek, we will all take turns sitting at the front desk, 30 minutes at a time. This means that each day, 16 of us will take a turn up front. During the course of a workweek, you will have to spend 3 or 4 thirty-minute “shifts” as receptionist.

We are working out a schedule that will be soon be posted on the server. Every 30-minute time slot will have a designated receptionist plus an alternate. You are exempt from reception duty for client meetings. However, if you fail to show up for your 30-minute shift for any other reason (outside of excused absences) you will be fined $10.

It will take some getting used to—but it will also be fun. We think there is a PR opportunity here as well (“Agency Co-Founder Betti Fujikado doubles as receptionist!”).

There will be a workstation at the front desk so that you can continue to log billable hours during your shift.

See Betti, Tracy or me if you have any questions.


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Rob Soo

I think Leonard needs to be added to the rotation!

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