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by Nat Duffy

The Cloud is just another name for the Internet

The information superhighway is littered with dumb new names for the Internet. Cyberspace, hyperspace, the internets, a series of tubes. As if it wasn’t already confusing enough, along comes “The Cloud”.

Just as Web 2.0 was an unnecessary name for the technology that survived the dot com bust, “The Cloud” is a confusing new way of describing the boring old Internet. The term Cloud Computing came about to describe Web-dependent applications and storage. It really only has meaning in opposition to desktop or local applications—Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office, a remote virtual host vs. a local server. Fact is, if you were already doing it on the Web you were doing it in The Cloud. Uploading Facebook photos? The Cloud. Using Hotmail? The Cloud.

Rebranding the Internet as The Cloud is just plain silly and is bound to confuse the less technical consumer. So why do it? Suppose you are late to the game and nervous that your competitors already own the Internet. You might be tempted to come up with a fancy new object that you can own for yourself. To the Cloud!