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by Tim O'Mara

Strategy, Engagement, Accountability: A blueprint for success in a changing media world.

Do you feel the earth moving under your feet? We do, too. A massive shift is taking place in the media landscape; an upheaval that is permanently transforming the relationship between consumers and marketers.

Connecting brands with the right audiences is a daunting task in today’s marketplace. The brand must be differentiated within millions of competing messages in an ever-expanding choice of media outlets.

What’s more, consumers are taking a more active role in conversations about brands. Their blogs, online reviews and Facebook posts can equal or exceed the impact of a TV commercial or online display ad.

The solution for marketers is simple, but not easy:
Be authentic, accessible and valuable through innovative interaction with customers and prospects.

At Copacino+Fujikado, we believe that people are inherently social and seek relationships not only with other people but also with brands. Brand stories, conversations and experiences in all forms can build lasting relationships between marketers and consumers.

Today, the job of media is far more complex than simply planning and buying space and time. That’s why we have re-structured our media group into an interdisciplinary engine that combines strategy, engagement and accountability.

Strategy is the science and art of knowing a brand, understanding the audience and finding the most effective way to connect the two. We have a suite of powerful research tools and processes: Knowledge yields consumer insights. Consumer insights lead to compelling messages.

Engagement is connecting with people by using the full range of storytelling and conversational platforms available. We inform, entertain, provoke, converse and listen in many channels, simultaneously:

    Paid—mass media that gives messages immediate scale and reach.
    Owned—communication channels uniquely belonging to the brand, such as e-newsletters, apps and events.
    Social—the opportunity to carry on an intimate conversation through social media sites, blogs, word of mouth, etc.

Accountability is the ongoing process of measuring and analyzing a communications program to track efficiency, impact and, ultimately, ROI.

Clearly, this is not your father’s media department. It’s an integrated toolbox of skills and expertise that enables our clients to thrive in the changing world of marketing communications. Thirty years ago, there were no mobile phones. Twenty years ago, there was no web. Fifteen years ago, there were no blogs. Ten years ago, there was no Facebook. Five years ago, there was no Twitter. One year ago, there was no iPad. The only constant is going to be change. We can embrace and innovate. Or we can dwindle away. We prefer the former.

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David Miller


Excellent points. Good read.

There’s clearly been a tectonic shift (and it continues.) It seems everything marketers have needed to learn about media has been demonstrated by the Ice Age:

Move, adapt or die.

What’s really quite interesting (worrying?) is the profile of clients who once-upon-a-time relied on “traditional media” (too often not planned, projected and integrated) — who are now rushing headlong to social as a magical elixir. While they remain similarly sure what it does for their business or their brands, heck at least it doesn’t cost as much as network :60′s!! (I recently heard someone describe “Twitter” as the “the last refuge of the unaccountable.”)

Undoubtedly the downturn has been pretty harsh to the ranks of communications directors, the primary basis for client-agency relationships. I suspect the slow build in the economy will have clients relying on trusted agents for customer insights, strategic pathfinding, inspired communications –- and critically — to be organized around the resolution of a business challenge, not simply a media flight.

In short: C+F is in a great spot. The market is clearly coming to you. Can’t wait to see what’s next from you and your team.

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