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by Nat Duffy

Adweek Ad of the Day

C+F’s new Symetra Financial work featuring Fred Willard made Adweek’s Ad of the Day today.

“Interspersed with Willard’s words of wisdom are onscreen supers that note retirement milestones, like the fact that you can start withdrawing from retirement accounts penalty-free at age 59 and a half. None of the information imparted by the onscreen type is earthshaking or in any way exclusive to Symetra. But in tandem with Willard’s amiable presence, it has the effect of giving viewers a feel for the temperament of a company they may be wholly unfamiliar with. Even Willard’s old Jerry Hubbard character probably wouldn’t invest his life savings with Symetra solely on the basis of a video like this, but it does an agreeable job of introducing the company and making viewers curious to learn more.”

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